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A Shot In the Dark: the too-little-too-late Latin Archer.

This is the Special Hobby 1/48 Reggiane Re.2005 ‘Sagittario’. A decent enough kit but not without its issues. It was troubled by an ill-fitting cockpit tub and wheel wells, the latter needing ridiculous amounts of plastic shaved off [...]

Covid No.8 and No.9 ‘46 What Ifs

No. 8. DO(rnier)Re(ggiane)Me(sserschmitt) -2005 Vogelsong. This is the Pacific Coast Models kit. I really have enjoyed there Italian birds. Since the Reggiane Re-2005 had been tested by the Germans toward near the end of the war, I decided [...]

Little known, but impressive: Reggiane R.2005 Sagittario

As efficient and highly advanced as the Italian aviation industry of the 1930s appeared to be, it was not possible to produce powerful in-line engines. When the war broke out, at the latest, the industry had to admit that it had lost [...]

Review: Regiane Re.2005 Sagittario, Sword models 1/48, preview

Here are preview and fit test of all new 1/48 scale Regiane Re.2005 Sagittario from Czech producer Sword Models. I have used only Tamiya Extra Thin Quick Type glue and GSI Mr. Cement Deluxe.

PCM 1/32 Reggiane Re.2005

The Reggiane series of fighters - the Re.2000, Re.2001, Re.2002 and Re.2005 - were technically among the best Italian fighters designed during the Second World War. All the aircraft designed and produced were obviously based on the [...]