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Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower fueling pipework

The various pipes needed to fuel the Saturn V ran up Side 2 of the LUT, attached to a frame, as shown in the B&W photo of LUT #1 during construction (the foreground is LUT #2). I started working on adding this frame last week (closeup and [...]

Progress on the 1/200 Saturn V Launch Umbilical Tower (LUT)

After several weeks off I finally got a day in the model workshop yesterday, which extended late into the night and several more hours this afternoon. While I made some progress on the 1/700 Hood and Arizona, the giant leap, to borrow a phrase, [...]

Saturn V Mock Up

  This is the Dragon Saturn V in 1/72nd scale !!! Yikes it is big, and still need to add the escape tower, but I wanted to mock it up and see how it looked. Still lots of work to go for seam clean up , puttying, priming and detail[...]