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Modeling manned and unmanned space exploration

RealSpace Mariner 9

NASA's Mariner program had the goal of studying the inner planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars, through a series of robotic space probes. Between 1962 and 1973, ten Mariner missions were attempted: though three failed, the others performed [...]

RealSpace Atlas V

The Atlas V is the last of the Atlas family of launch vehicles, produced by the Lockheed Martin-Boeing collaboration United Launch Alliance (ULA). After 99 successful launches out of 99 attempts, it is slated for replacement by ULA's [...]

"The Two Faces of the Atlas", Part II: John Glenn and Friendship 7 on Mercury Mission MA-6!

NASA's namesakes loved (and love) to be mythological and classical: an overview of the space flight programmes and spaceship names buzzes with gods and goddesses from classical Greek mythology. One god's name in particular stands out from [...]

"The two faces of the Atlas", Part I: Convair SM-65 Atlas D, US first intercontinental ballistic missile

How do you write about a model that is a weapon of mass destruction? The Convair SM-65 Atlas was the first intercontinental ballistic missile available to the Strategic Air Command (SAC) of the US Air Force from 1959. Both the partly [...]

Monogram-New Ware Apollo Lunar Module

The NASA Apollo Program led to the successful landing of a human being on the surface of the Moon. Early missions in the series developed tactics and techniques and rehearsed the operational segments that would culminate in 1969 with the [...]

Sputnik 1

Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite. It was launched to Earth’s elliptical low orbit by Soviet Union on 4 October 1957. This significant event marks the beginning of the space race between Soviet Union and USA, which [...]

Finally successful: Juno I/Explorer I, the first US satellite in orbit!

Pictures tell stories. This also applies to prestigious high-end aerospace products. The iconic images of the Juno launch vehicle and its Explorer satellite can serve as a good example. I would therefore like to begin this article with a [...]

New Ware Thor-Able

Thor-Able was a two-stage, expendable launch vehicle used in the late 50’s and early 60’s for NASA/USAF satellite launches and re-entry vehicle tests. The main stage made use of the Thor intermediate range ballistic missile (one of [...]

RealSpace Delta II

The McDonnell-Douglas Delta II was a multi-stage, medium lift, expendable launch vehicle used from 1989 until 2018. It was used to send payloads to low Earth, geosynchronous, and heliocentric orbits, including the Kepler space telescope, [...]

Revell Ariane 4

The Ariane 4 was a three-stage, medium-lift expendable launch vehicle used by the European Space Agency. Designed by the French space agency CNES, it had a successful career spanning 15 years, from 1988 to 2003, during which it became a [...]