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Junkers Ju 87 A2

This is the 1/48th scale offering from Special Hobby. The kit is definitely not for beginners, having many fit issues especially when joining the wing to fuselage, which required copious amounts of filler to correct but nothing that [...]

Special Hobby 1/48 Fokker D.XXI: Spanish Civil War

First, a little background. The Spanish Civil War was fought between 1936 and 1939. The Republicans (Leftists) were supported by Russia and France, while the Nationalists (Conservatives) were supported by Germany and Italy. The [...]

Dora Wings 1/48 Bf-109A

First, a little background: The Spanish Civil War was fought between 1936 and 1939, between the Nationalists (supported by Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany) and the Republicans (supported by the Soviet Union and Mexico). The Republicans [...]

1/48 Condor Legion Bf-109E-3. Imperial German Air Service/Luftwaffe Group Build.

This is the tried and true Tamiya kit from 1996. I spotted it on a vendor’s table at the Butch O’Hare IPMS show in Illinois last month. For $15, I couldn’t pass it by. I figured it would be a worthy kit to finally use some of my [...]

For whom the bell tolls: an Fw-56 "Stösser" in republican Spanish colours.

The FW-56 Stösser The Fw-56 "Stösser" is perhaps not the best known type of Kurt Tanks, but with about 514 produced examples and its importance as a trainer for the newly formed Luftwaffe it is not exactly exotic either. [...]

Spanish Civil War...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E-1, Legion Condor

Built in 2015. Eduard kit with decals from Kagero miniTopcolors #30 (Luftwaffe´s Baptism of Fire) Painted with acrylics, Gunze H70 mixed with Tamiya XF-19 for RLM63, black trim is painted too. Model shows the a/c of Hauptmann Siebelt [...]

The Portuguese “rebel” – Miles M.2 at the Spanish Civil War

This is the third (and maybe the final) incarnation of my Miles M.2. This time as appeared at Spanish Civil War as José Adriano Pequito Rebelo's aircraft. Rebelo was a Portuguese writer, politician and aviator and a quite restless figure [...]