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Spanish Civil War…1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E-1, Legion Condor

Built in 2015. Eduard kit with decals from Kagero miniTopcolors #30 (Luftwaffe┬┤s Baptism of Fire)
Painted with acrylics, Gunze H70 mixed with Tamiya XF-19 for RLM63, black trim is painted too.

Model shows the a/c of Hauptmann Siebelt Reents who commanded 1.J/88 from early September 1938 to the end of the Spanish Civil War. During this time he achieved one victory over a Republican Polikarpov I-15.

20 additional images. Click to enlarge.

7 responses

  1. Nice work. I like SCW stuff a lot.

  2. Another beauty – love the Legion Condor schemes as well.

  3. A fantastic looking early 109, Reinhard.
    Everything on this build looks perfect.

  4. Fantastic job, Reinhard!
    I love those early 109s!

  5. That better be a clean thumb! This maybe helpful for others to read so I’ll say it here. I only touch my finished models if I have to but when I do I try not to use my fingertips, I’ll use my fingers but higher up where the skin oils are likely to be less.
    Love the ‘109 in these colors, like the Lo-Viz of its day.
    Beautiful work, as always, both of you.

  6. Really superior work.

  7. Another really nice 109 from Spreizhofer Flugzeugwerke!

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