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Classic Airframes 1/48 SM.79 Sparviero

Out of the three models issues available in the 1/48th scale, Classic Airframes' is the most accurate representation of the Sparviero. However, it is a short run kit and presents a challenging build. Moreover, many details are missing and [...]

Trumpeter 1/48 SM 79 II

What I will say about this kit, finished just a couple of weeks ago after being buried in the stash for a decade. It went together cleanly, was interesting to paint and looks pretty much like an SM 79 should. The interior is sparse, so I [...]

A little bit of ItalySM. 79T Corsa

Hi guys, I’m back with an old model. But just a little bit of history. The tri-motor S-79T was a long-range version of the S-79C with increased fuel capacity and Alfa Romeo 126 KC34 engines. Three S-79Cs were converted to S-79Ts, the T [...]