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So I was asked what I was up to.....

November 29, 2014 · in News · · 17 · 1.6K

Bob sent a message to see how I was. Well have had some challenges with some family health problems, all of which are on the mend, but it kept me busy being a good nurse and all. In and around that I worked on my new basement man cave, started DMLs Smart Panther, and made plans for moving on to the 1/25 Tiger nostalgia build I have had planned for awhile now. AND this morning we woke up to SNOW here in Western Washington. Happy Holidays everyone! I will update as I go ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Hope all's well with you and yours.
    Cool cave.

    Hang tough,


  2. A man-cave to die for...outstanding. Need more close-up's of all the builds, though... (are those the Mongoose/Snake funny cars I can see)?

  3. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend. Great looking "cave". BTW did you sail on Oriskany.?

  4. Craig, yep Snake and Mongoose, re-pops from a few years back, and no Rick Oriskany was before my time. Did sail on a couple DFM ships though Independence and Constellation, the rest were all nukes. Edited to add, for those not in the know DFM = Diesel Fuel Marine, and if you ever served on a DFM ship and are like me you used to joke that you should never smoke after taking a shower or drinking a glass of water ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am glad things are getting better with your family. Now that sincerely said. I will open with, Dude's got a fireplace! Wholly Molly! . But seeing there is snow outside how cool is that. Great modeling man cave. I do have a question about the artwork in the second photo above the green Line Division framework. Is that a Dale Adkin print?
    I have collected a bunch of these. Just wondering.
    Great place to rock and do some modeling.
    California Steve

  6. Thanks Steve, the pic above the VS 41 sign is a Bill Phillips print of a sketch for his P-39 painting "Nannette". And the VS 41 Line Division sign is from the door of our line shack when I was Line Division LCPO right before the squadron decommissioned. Attached to it are several magnets we used for our S-3Bs in Maintenance Control that showed their location on the flightline and loadout for the day. I unscrewed it before they demolished the hut it was attached to. Above my workbench is the VS 38 sign I took from the door of my shop aboard the USS Constellation where I was the Quality Assurance Supervisor and Flight Deck coordinator in VS-38. VS-38 is the only S-3 squadron to ever fire a warshot in combat, I was FDC the night the Maverick was loaded we used to sink an Iraqi command and control ship. They were decomming Connie and I said, well...scrapyard or my house so I unscrewed it and took it home at the end of Connie's last cruise, which was Iraqi Freedom 2003.

  7. Thanks for responding Rob. You have some great memorabilia and you are lucky enough to have some workings where you served.
    And thank you for your service to our country.
    Did I mention, Dude's got a fireplace? I guess I did.
    Very nice.
    California Steve

  8. Yep fireplace is nice. I guess I have come a long ways from the TV tray in Mom and dad's living room ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. The cutaway Gretsch is a great 1:1 effort, Rob...

  10. Looks really comfy Rob.
    Some great stuff around the walls.

  11. Thanks Rob, Gretsch 5120 with TV Jones Classic pickups.

  12. I've been surprised how much stuff I have saved over my career, still have a bunch of stuff to put up. The wife wants me to do an "I love me" wall with my award letters and such, but I don't know. I think I will keep it to memorabilia, I may mount my medals at some point, didn't put them in my shadowbox so they are still in a box. I plan on doing more shelves for models, google "billy hack" it shows how to use Ikea shelves and make them nice with trim. I did it in our library upstairs, and they turned out great, less than $200 in materials, though learning to cut crown molding about drove me nuts!

  13. Nice pad, models, and displays - especially the Grestch -
    My axe of choice for electric is a Gibson ES-347, semi hollow body, 1979 model. I sold off my other electric guitars when I got out of the band business but had to keep that one. I bet that Gretsch is a honey though -

  14. what a great cave...and you deserve it...and what a great albatross...very nice work on that photo-etch...sure glad things are turning around for you...your one of the good guys...again stunning little get away brother retired out there...first Seattle then gig harbour

  15. Lovely pictures, Rob, it must be nice to have such a comfortable place to indulge yourself.

  16. Nice "cave" Rob, must be hard to leave this room !
    Nice collection of guitars as well.

  17. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. I am very blessed to have such a large area to make my "cave". Originally it was going to be a family room, but my wife decided she hated being down in the basement, then...the giant house spiders showed up and sealed the deal. I really think someone who lives up here should have warned us abut them. Our neighbors were all "Oh those, yeah they come out in the Fall, but they are harmless" Well yes they are harmless but they are HUGE!

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