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Us military motorcycle INDIAN 741B

So, I found this motorcycle kit from Thunder Model in scale 1/35 and thought to myself that I can build that, after all, I have built tanks in that scale. πŸ™‚ The model was way smaller and fiddly then I expected and after completing it [...]

Case VAI – 1:35 Thunder Model

I built this kit before Christmas and it was fun mainly because my dad owned this tractor. Not the VAI, but VAC (row-crop version). My Grandpa always said he would give it to me, but then sold it. He said. "I wasn't going up fast [...]

British Scammell TRMU 30

Fantastic Thunder 1:35 kit

Review: Thunder Model Scammell Pioneer Heavy Artillery Tractor R100 – Build Review, Part 1

Following their splendid Scammell Tank Transporter (reviewed here), Thunder Model recently released two additional variants of this iconic British truck – the SV/2S recovery tractor and the R100 Heavy artillery tractor. With the upcoming [...]

Review: Thunder Model Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter – Build Review, Part 3

As usually, I started by gluing all the multi-part assemblies to speed up the process of seam filling and not have to wait for filler to dry later on. There are quite some seams to deal with, but as fit is very good all filling could be [...]

Review: Thunder Model 1/35 Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter – Build Review, Part 2

As usual, there are a couple of subassemblies which need to be built up and painted before proceeding any further – in our case this will be the engine, the cab interior, the winch, and the trailer mount. Engine assembly is straight [...]

Review: Thunder Model 1/35 Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter – Build Review, Part 1

Last weekend I visited Scale Modelworld at Telford for the first time ever. Together with Martin (@editor) we roamed the halls, took in all the wonderful work on display, and in between all the β€œohs” and β€œahs” I had time to chat [...]

Thunder Model 1/35 Case VAI Tractor with loader

Following the excellent review of Thunder Models' new tractor ((link)) previously posted by iM member Boris Rakic, I couldn't wait to get my hands on their second release in the form of the tractor equipped with military loader. And once [...]

Review: Thunder Model 1/35 Case VAI Tractor – Build Review

Between all the new kit announcements over the last couple of months, one in particular struck my interest. A new company by the name of Thunder Model was about to release their first kit, a Case VAI tractor in 1/35th scale. I had never [...]