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Multi Tape Dispenser For Tamiya Masking Tapes (And Others)

I've been looking for a dispenser to hold my various Tamiya masking tapes as well as a scribing tape and tape for curves (also Tamiya). The device needs to hold 1" core tape rolls. Unfortunately, all the ones I found were either [...]

A bit of nostalgia, brushes 144 [gross] ,disposable paint brush

When I started to paint my models as a kid using Pactra and Testors 1/4 ounce bottle paints, to help me out my Dad or my Mom gave me a box of 144 little brushes, the cool thing was that they were disposable, they lasted me several years [...]

Automatic SANDING TOOL. Cheap & Easy.

Hi all ! maybe it is difficult to guess what´s going on in this article... but just a tool that can help us in our daily routine when we are making our kits. It is just a sanding tool that I made by myself and is lightweight and can give [...]

Silhouette Portrait 2 cutting plotter for scale modelers

Some time ago there was an article on iModeler regarding use of a cutter (or cutting plotter) for our hobby. At that moment, I was thinking about this for a while, especially because of my previous experience – I saw cutters in the late [...]