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Automatic SANDING TOOL. Cheap & Easy.

Hi all !

maybe it is difficult to guess what´s going on in this article… but just a tool that can help us in our daily routine when we are making our kits.
It is just a sanding tool that I made by myself and is lightweight and can give you access to difficult parts of the kit.
All you need is:
-electric toothbrush for kids. (from the supermarket, it was 3 euros?)
-double-sided tape.

All you need to do is to remove the bristles from the toothbrush, then place the double-sided tape on it, in this case with the rounded head shape and finally a piece of sandpaper of the same shape on it. And you got it!

I use it a lot because it is lightweight and you can change the sandpaper whenever you want. No wires around and for basic sanding helps because it adapts to the surface.

Well… maybe a little bit funny this article but I wanted to share it as it helps me a lot!

I hope you enjoyed it. 😉

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28 responses to Automatic SANDING TOOL. Cheap & Easy.

  1. Ingenious Alogano!

  2. Cool tool! – now would you be interested in posting your progress on the bw in the groups section? – looks like it could be a really interesting to follow that build. No pressure, just a thinking it would be of interest 🙂

  3. Brillant.
    Will try that right away …

  4. Excellent tip. Thanks for sharing it, Alogano.


  5. Never thought of that…..good information – thanks. 🙂

  6. The idea looks interesting, but is it efficient? And I mean does the sanding paper sticks good and won’t fly off in the first minute and do you get a controlled sanding? Thanks for sharing your ingenious idea

  7. I will dry that- thank you for sharing that ingenious idea!

  8. Best use for a cheap motorized toothbrush I’ve ever seen!

  9. Add my “kudos” regarding an interesting and useful tool … that won’t likely “break the bank.” I think it’s a GREAT idea and one that will be found useful and is just the kind of “tip” that belongs here!

  10. Like the others said, great idea and thanks for sharing. I too, would like to see the progress on that model.

    • Thanks Gary. Glad to know you like the tool 😉
      The model will go step by step as it is a little difficult to make but a great challenge for me, once I finish “one small secret” that I will show later on, I will upload more pictures.

      Thanks again!!

  11. QED! Thanks much

  12. Amazing!!! This is something I will definitely use. Thank you very much. We need more such DIY gadgets!!!

  13. It’s a nice idea, ALOGANO!
    It reminds me of “Mr. Polisher”, a product by GSI Creos, Japan.
    However, the product costs 1,944yen including tax (approx.17euro). Your tool seems much less expensive and equally functional. Thank you for sharing the idea.

  14. I bought a similar device from Mr Hobby. The problem with that one is that the stem gets damaged very easily. This idea looks a lot better and sturdier. Thanks for posting it.

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