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Trumpeter 1/48 Vigilante RA-5C

Trumpeter's Vigilante was never on my list due to reports on shape and fit issues related to the kit. Nonetheless, I received this model from a friend and promptly built it. In spite of the bad reputation, it builds to an impressive [...]

Trumpeter RA-5C Vigilante

Another case of buy the kit, then read the reviews just before building. Oh, my! One of three kits that I didn't think would be available in the future due to their countries of origin, I purchased this and two other "gotta [...]

RA-5C Vigilante – Trumpeter 1/72

Greetings fellow modelers! This time I brought to you what I think is my best aircraft to date! I have a customer who loves weathered aircraft, and I've been working for him for some time making some minor aircraft (like the MiG-23 that [...]

Box scale oldies

Here are a pair of box scale oldies I recently completed, the A-5A Vigilante from Monogram and the A-3D Skywarrior from Revell, I tried tweaking both of them with a little detail. I used the kit decals from the A-5 as you can tell from the [...]

1/72nd Trumpeter N. American RA-5C Vigilante,USN

This is my first first attempt at building a Trumpeter kit and I chose a good one. This project started back in 2012 for the ARC 100th Anniversary USN Group Build. It was one of several projects that was started for that GB, this [...]