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Box scale oldies

March 3, 2016 · in Aviation · · 22 · 2.3K

Here are a pair of box scale oldies I recently completed, the A-5A from and the A-3D from , I tried tweaking both of them with a little detail. I used the kit decals from the as you can tell from the yellowing, I added an ejection seat to the front cockpit, also added F-4 exhaust cans and a pitot tube to the nose, and plenty of filler. The A-3D I roughly converted to an EA-3B with kit bash decals of an EA-3 of VQ-1 on board USS Kittyhawk in 1973, modified dove tail, bottom fuselage canoe and more filler. I would have built the A-3 out of the box but the kit decals in the SSP reissue kit were actually for their old F-111 kit. They were a fun build.

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  1. Mighty fine looking! I must have built 2-3 of those Vigies as a kid!

  2. A couple of oldies we don't often see...good work.

  3. "Box scale oldie" sounds like a good title for a country and western song! You definitely had fun building these which is what it's all about, thanks for sharing.

  4. Having built both of these when they were new, in a day with tube glue, you've definitely achieved more than I did. 🙂

  5. Seeing your build of those two old Revell kits surely brings back some memories of my early modeling days when Monogram and Revell ruled. I still have one of their 'box scale' P2V-7 Neptunes in my stash. Thanks for sharing those two builds with us. For sure, a nice trip down memory lane.

  6. Beautiful old kits that turned out very well

  7. Nice pair! Those were two big jets to put on an aircraft carrier deck!

  8. I was warned to get behind the island when the Whale (EA-3) came in, anyone who has witnessed the "Whale Dance" will understand.

  9. Is that the Vigilante kit that ejected the BOMB out the back of the model? Just like on the real thing, huh?
    The Skywarrior was a favorite kit of mine, what with the folding wings and tail. I remember the box art as being a real incentive, too. She was a beaut.

    • In its original issue yes, This issues dates 1967 where it was left out. The A-3 was a retro reissue with original box art. Check out the Hasegawa A-3's on this site by another member which are excellent.

  10. I'm fighting the urge to get me a 1/48th A-3 from those people, though I hear all kinds of negativity, I.E., engine nacelle shape(!) and the canopy. There's just something about the Whale, plus I'm a Navair guy.

    Back in the old days, you could play with your models, as in the rearward ejecting bomb (Just like the real thing, kids!) on the original issue one. Scare yo9ur pets!

    Friend of mine had the Revell 1/40th A-1, with all the gimmicks, in the original issue. Somehow, there was plastic gears and gimmicks that enabled one to drop the centerline bomb, and deploy the dive brakes. The wings folded (manually) and the gear retracted. His Mom was dusting one fine day, and the plane quite literally flung itself to pieces.

    I just shook my head.

    Yeah, I did get the Hasegawa, and mine has resin parts to change the nose shape and put on the original tail turret. I'm working up my courage to apply the Exacto saw to it, one of these days. See how the Revell exerted its influence?

    The Vigi, now there's a plane! Wooosh! Standing still!

  11. Aye. I got to help someone do eddy current inspection inside one[a-3] during my Navy reserve days. back in 1993, They were checking for cracks in the wing spar area I think. The a-5- raw power!

  12. Love the vintage models. Would like to see more of the nostalgic old box-scale kits. Very well built!

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