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Grumman X 29A, 82-003, NASA, USAF, 1984 - 1991.

1/72 Hasegawa, built so long ago I don't remember when, finished in mainly MM enamels and metalizers with Future over kit decals which tended to fall apart.

Grumman X-29A – Hasegawa 1/72

As part of my growing assembly of F-5 related/based builds in 1/72, the Grumman X-29 was just completed. I'm considering this build done for now, I've misplaced the 'Chuck Sewel' decal which goes on the canopy frame and I was going to try [...]

1/144 Scale Grumman X-29

I like unusual looking airplanes and Grumman sure made one with this X-29. I wonder where is X-1 to X-28 ? This model was a charm to build, but I do not recall if I did much research. The photo's do not show hardly any flashing on this [...]

Grumman-Mercedes X-29

How to use up your old car and bike decals... Buy the cheapest 1/72 kit from your local shop, then put your own stamp on it. This is the NASA X-29 air racer! Based on the legend of the Sauber Mercedes silver arrows. Maybe this could be a [...]