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1/144 Scale Grumman X-29

October 24, 2020 · in Aviation · · 10 · 1.9K

I like unusual looking airplanes and Grumman sure made one with this .

I wonder where is X-1 to X-28 ?

This model was a charm to build, but I do not recall if I did much research. The photo's do not show hardly any flashing on this kit. My data block say's that I built this model in late 2015. I painted the model with Tamiya paint's as it is the only model paints that I have used for over ten years.

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  1. We were fortunate enough to have NASA bring this to EAA one year. Not only did they bring it, they did flight displays too. Back in the early 80's they brought the oblique wing demonstrator and flew that too. Just remember not all the X-planes were manned.

  2. Are you sure this is 1/144, Rodney.
    An absolute beauty.
    Masking that canopy must have been a real challenge.

    • Hey John... vd ...Big... Not to hurt your feeling, but please pay attention to my photos... On the "box-art" it is written "1/144."

      Thanks for the rest of the comment! I strive to build some awesome models besides the norm of P-51's and P-47's.

      This is a great site to post models as the other's have all kinds of commercials posted.

  3. Looks great! We've got a mock up of the X-29 tucked away in the restoration hanger at the Cradle of Aviation museum on long Island NY.

  4. Nicely done Rodney, it seems the X-29 was the only X plane made by Grumman, from the Bell X-1 in 1946 to the X-61 by Dynetics in 2019, different types of aircraft and missiles by many manufacturers !

  5. Striking X-29, Rodney!
    1/144 is such a sweet scale unfairly overlooked by a number of modelers, yours truly definitely included.
    Well done Sir!

    • To Robert, Allan & Spiros: Thanks guys. Why I built "odd-ball" models is beyond my memory bank, but I'm glad I did it,'cause I got some weird looking models in my collection of 284 models.

      Robert: Go get that "mock-up" out of storage and make it look like my model!

  6. Good one, Rodney. Neat work on the decals...small, long and demanding.

    • Bob:

      I NOW WONDER HOW I DID IT! The decals must have went on to perfection...

      Long ago I was taught to mix a new bottle of MicroSol to a new bottle of MicroSet, then refill my two empty bottles. Next lesson was to wet my decals, then remove the excess decal film around it. Apply more water to the decal and add several drops of my "pre-mixed" Set/Sol solution. Then add water and the Set/Sol mix to the model. Slide on the decal and carefully place in its' position, Drain off the excels solution with ordinary toilet paper rolled up to a point on one end. Brush out the decal with a 1/4-1/2 inch soft wet brush. Let dry overnight. You should have a 100% perfect decal. Some practice is necessary!

      Did anyone see what I did wrong? Look at the real photo of the X-29 and you will see that the black anti-glare paint comes clear to the windscreen AND THE WINDSCREEN IS ALSO PAINTED BLACK. THE "EHAUST" CONE IS ALSO BLACK...

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