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48th Scale Monogram F-18

November 26, 2012 in Aviation

This was an early Monogram kit and featured the fuselage split horizontally. I sanded off all the panel lines and drew them back in with pencil. I wanted to see if I could use the low-vis scheme and still make an interesting scheme. I saw a picture of this aircraft in one of my reference books. I painted the weapons in inert blue to get addition color on the model. I scratch-built the boarding ladder and FOD covers.

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6 responses to 48th Scale Monogram F-18

  1. Nice work, Jack….looks very labor-intensive, what with all the stenciling, panel lines, subtle weathering, etc. Excellent rendering.

  2. I like it very much, too. Penciled panel detail can be darn effective if done this good, IMHO even better than the usual washed panel lines, but it must have been a tedious job…

  3. You’re right it was tedious, and you need some good drawings to go by.

  4. Excellent looking Hornet, Jack!
    I seem to remember this one from a FineScale Modeler article, was this the one?

  5. yep I remember it from finescale too- inspired me to do a 1/72 early NSAWC F-18A with Blue “inert” weps- I will try and post that later tonight!
    Love your work!

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