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BF-109 E3 EDUARD 1:48

Hello, this is my first model in this web. Is a very good kit of BF-109. This aircraft was flown by Helmut Henz in 1941 (six victories),he was shot down by a Blenheim and crashed into the sea nearby Greek island of Antikythera. The original camouflage in RLM 70/71/65 colors with high demarcation between upper and lower colors on the fuselage ( so called 40erAnstrich) had irregular blotches of RLM 70 and 02 added on the aircraft fuselage sides for better concealment. On the airplane port side under the windshield II.Gruppe insignia can be located, white skeleton with an umbrella flying on the scythe, 4.Staffel insignia, was painted under the canopy. LF are the name initials of the pilot´s girlfriend.

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  1. Welcome to the forum. A very nice looking model and looking forward to more. If you want some finer antenna material check out this site. I use the superfine for 1:48 even though it says its for 1:72

    • George: About 1986 my modeling friend gave me some of his wife's long black hair and showed me how to string it through tiny 0.10" diameter holes then tie and superglue it. Our young daughter also had long black hair and our other daughter had light blond hair. I strung lot's of their hair and even today in 2020, none of the hair's on my models have sagged. RJW.

  2. Thank you. I'm very happy for your comment. Soon a new proyect.

  3. Nice model, Jesus. A lot of work put in it. Bring on more!
    Welcome on board!

  4. The paint job is very fine. What method did you use to bring out the rivet and panel lines?

  5. Hi, first of all sorry for my english. I used oil paints with white spirit, a kind of turpentine.

  6. Welcome to iModeler Jesus, Bienvenido!

    That’s a pretty impressive Emil you present us here. Very unusual for a E-3 having the swastika located in the middle of the tail, common in early war birds, which seems to be the case with Henz’s E-3, perhaps an early production batch from 1939. Also unusual is the absence of the head rest/armour plate as late as 1941, but photos from this plane in Norway proves so. All this and the appealing camouflage, markings and a great detailed engine makes your model very good.

    Don’t get me wrong but the frontal radiator area seems odd, like some part is missing/misplaced perhaps? Looking forward for your future posts here

  7. Lovely model. I made this but made a complete a**se of the paint job! Your engine looks incredible.

  8. Dont worry about your comment. I dont know It. I havent lost any piece. I'm innocent,jajaja.

  9. A beautiful job on this - lovely paint and detail work. Welcome aboard!

  10. Thanks to everyone.

  11. Welcome Jesus, and wow what a great way to present an excellent BF-109. The paint scheme,. mottling and the weathering is enough to represent a well used Emil. Looking forward to more of your work. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Excellent 109. Did you use pre-shading when you painted that. Looks very realistic.

  13. Nice work. Welcome!

  14. Sweet work. Welcome.

  15. Great messer ... nice signs of use and refined camouflage. Good job!

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