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Amt 48 scale S-3 Viking

November 26, 2012 in Aviation

Amt 48 scale S-3B Viking. Used was the pargon wing and fin fold as well as scratchbuilt bombay details, and homemade decals for the steel beach intake covers

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Scott Westfield

7 responses to Amt 48 scale S-3 Viking

  1. That looks great. All folded up like that is cool. Nice choice of markings also. Gives the gray some color. Very nice.

  2. Outstanding workmanship on all that detail work…great job.

  3. Very, very nice indeed. Just wondering how did you do the decals?

  4. awesome! would love a close up of the weapons bay! Any chance you could turn that baby over? I got the paragon set once, then sold it, then had to get it again- one day I will actually build this kit!

  5. Andrew,
    Again. I am truly impressed

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