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Blackburn Roc

November 27, 2012 in Aviation

Built a few months ago (reviewed in detail at Modeling Madness), using the A2Zee conversion set for the Special Hobby kit (which had been sitting around since 2007 till I got this set which increased the interest level). The big deal was to drill mounting holes for wire that didn’t show up anywhere. Believe it or not, you can pick this up by the wingtip, everything is that solid. Used a prop out of the spares box since the kit prop is totally wrong. BTW – for this particular airplane, not having the pilot’s canopy is correct.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge

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3 responses to Blackburn Roc

  1. Tom,
    Nice build of an unique aircraft. For whatever reason I always liked the Roc, as useless and ugly as it was. Your photos nicely emphasize the proportions!

  2. Really nice, Tom. I’m not very familiar with this aircraft.

  3. Tom, that’s a rare aircraft! Yours captures that British quirkiness and angularity, I’d think you’d have a better chance in a Skua, myself. Like the Defiant, chase me Charlie and I’ll shoot you down. Uh, not always! Then, there was the Fulmar, just the opposite.

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