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Tamiya He-219 Uhu

November 27, 2012 in Aviation

Built a couple of years ago, went together like a dream. Fun.

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9 responses to Tamiya He-219 Uhu

  1. Nice job….and of course it went together like dream – it’s a Tamiya, isn’t it?

  2. Thanks, Craig. You’ve had some great looking birds on here as well.

  3. I have built this kit also, it is a great kit. I have build a number of german aircraft and given them fictional if not possible paint schemes. Where id you get your scheme from, or I guess maybe a better question is what colors did you use in your very attractive paint scheme?

  4. Walt, Not sure of the authenticity of the camo scheme, but used RLM 76 all over, mottled in 75. All Model Master

  5. Bryan, this camo is authentic. Good job on a beautiful kit.

    I wish someone did such a good kit of He 219 also in 1/72 scale.

  6. Bryan, I painted mine in the same scheme, it is just that on my computer the 75 mottles look to be tan. I really should invest in a new monitor I guess. I use pretty much exclusively Model Master enamels myself…my 219 would almost be a twin sister to yours.

  7. I got bogged down in info on these birds a while back, but I think I have finally pushed ahead to a completion of my build. Doing the black bellied scheme.

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