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BV 194 by Revell

December 11, 2012 in Aviation

I built this a few years ago, it’s still one of my favourites.

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10 responses to BV 194 by Revell

  1. Wow – this comes under the heading of “ya learn sumthin’ new every day..” !
    In all the time I’ve been an aviation buff and modeler, I’ve NEVER seen or even heard of this aircraft! Is this another example of those crazy Germans tryin’ everything they could think of to try to win the air war? All the stuff I watch on TV and I don’t ever remember seein’ anything like this. Is this kit out of production? That’s another thing! All the years I’ve been on modeling forums, I don’t recall seeing this built anywhere before. Wow. Am I “outta the loop” or what?

  2. Tim….your post states it’s by Revell – was this a kit or did you kit-bash to construct this? A little help for the Luftwaffe-challenged if you please.

  3. Hi Craig, It’s a kit,
    follow the link for a picture. I did a couple of minor mods but it is primarily out of the box.

    Here is a view of what’s in the box as well as a build

    • Well, I’ll be….I’d never seen that (then again, I don’t search for that scale, either). That maybe a future purchase given the rarity – at least it’ll be sumthin’ diferent for me. Thanks for the info, Tim.

  4. It should be added that you’ve made a fine model here… Aslo, Nice touch with the unpainted underside.

  5. Really good work, .. now where’s the stoopid “like” button?

    Blohm und Voss really loved the concept of an Assymetric Aircraft, they featured it in a number of their designs and projects, especially for jets.

  6. I like this model and have built two myself. Not only is it asymmetric, it’s mixed propulsion with the big BMW egg in front and a jet buried underneath.

    There BV 141 wasn’t a bad plane; people just couldn’t get ovr how odd it was.

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