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AFV-Club 1/48 Tiger I (early)

October 3, 2018 · in Armor · · 16 Comments

Hello! I represent another Tiger, now early, for the period of the Battle of Kursk. The color of the tank is somewhat unusual, which caught my attention. A small stand was made, because it is impossible to put such dirty models on a polished shelf)).
All pleasant viewing!

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16 responses

  1. Stunning, museum-worthy work all around.

  2. Very nice! It's a very impressive Tiger, and the unusual patched camouflage (perhaps a replacement gun and mantle) makes it very appealing. I like it a lot

  3. Great job, nice weathering!

  4. Maxim, This is excellent, has a very realistic look, especially on the base (nice touch with the deep ruts). Well done !

  5. Very realistic looking Tank, and the stand just pulls it all together. Brilliant Job!

  6. Outstanding, Maxim! Great weathering and the base is perfect. Absolutely real - it looks ready to cause some serious hurt to its' enemies!

  7. Beautiful Tiger, Maxim. I hope you are proud of the level you’ve achieved with this build. Pretty close to perfect in my mind.

  8. Very nice workmanship, sir...I really like this.

  9. Maxim, very nice. I'm glad you showed its base, it looks right at home. Nice job!

  10. Maxim - every time I see a post with your name on it, I know I'm going to see something extraordinary.

    Like this. Just super.

  11. Fantastic. Hard to believe its 1:48

  12. Excellent build! Love the details and weathering, and the base is just perfect.

  13. Thank you, colleagues, for your comments! Every time they inspire me to go on and do better))

  14. for some nothing needs to be said...magnificent

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