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French Cannon, model 1878, 1:48, scratchbuilt

December 14, 2012 in Armor

So far I have not been stopped, continue to post my models :))
This time – artillery, namely French cannon in 1878. Caliber can be 120 or 155 mm, because the model will get a little bigger 48th scale. So it is rather a collective image of French cannons of the time.
The model was made for a diorama on the World War One. France, 1918, the small town, the train station – and on top, in the air circling two airplane- one French, the other – the German. A piloted them none other than Ernst Udet and Georges Guynemer :)). But more on that next time. To be continued …

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5 responses to French Cannon, model 1878, 1:48, scratchbuilt

  1. Nice work on the cannon – very realistic-looking damage. The Diorama is going nicely too.

  2. Nice work, Maxim. Looks like the diorama is in your local hobby shop.

  3. Yes, it is shop Клуб ТМ in Moscow, last winter, there was held Russia exhibition scale models.

  4. Максим, отличная работа!
    Покажи аэропланы с этой диорамы.
    Max, great job!
    Show airplanes with this diorama.

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