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Scratch XF-85 Goblin Egg-Plane

December 20, 2012 in Aviation

The fuselage is made from real egg. The other details: plastic, wire, clay.

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7 responses to Scratch XF-85 Goblin Egg-Plane

  1. Your Egg-plane Goblin looks a whole lot better than the MPM kit that I built last year. Full marks for ingenuity and workmanship. Adios, Larry.

  2. Egg-straordinary imagination, workmanship and photography, Korolev.

  3. Vlad, the second egg will show? )))

  4. Eggcelent work. Makes one glad just ro look at it. We’ve had a couple of Christmas planes, i suppose this one opens the Easter theme…

  5. Thank you, friends! Glad I liked the work in the style EGG-PLANE.


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