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Special Hobby Reggiane 2002

December 7, 2012 in Aviation

Another 1/48 offering with an interesting history if you’re into the obscure and obsolete. Not bad to build, an improvement over some of their other kits. Not as interesting as some of the other Italian camo schemes, but it grew on me. Like fungus…

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2 responses to Special Hobby Reggiane 2002

  1. Hey Bryan, nice looking Reggiane. Your right, kinda like American OD over Gray, but the white stripe, the rudder cross, and the shield on the vertical stab help set if off. Very nice panel work also on your part really helps break up the monotone color. I say Well Done!

  2. Bryan, nice work!
    I like the paintjob, an otherwise dull paint scheme actually comes alive in on this one and the fuselage band, cross and shield makes so Italian 🙂


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