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First and Last Dora

February 10, 2013 in Aviation

Found my pictures of my first Dora, Eduard weekend edition again, used EagleCals sheet and painting instructions for JG 301, but with stencil painted 11. So last Dora of my set, I found them in the box I packed them in for the move and the only damage seems to be a wheel fell off, so suspending them in foam seems to have worked!

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5 responses to First and Last Dora

  1. Yes. Very nice work on a tricky kit.

    • However, one thing: you have made the most-common mistake with the Fw-190, not moving the landing gear forward enough. If you look straight down on the model and can just see the rear edge of the main tire right on the leading edge of the wing, it is properly aligned. You can fix this one with an X-acto cut at the rear of the base of the main gear leg, bend it forward appropriately, and then reinforce it with cyanoacrylate glue.

  2. Rob,
    I really like your interpretation of the lat-war color scheme. While remaining within the realm of the acknowledged references, it looks so nicely colorful. It really makes the model stand out.

  3. Thanks guys, and Tom yep you are right, the Eduard MLG attachment points killed me, I should go back and re-address the issue. Maybe I will as I uncrate them from the move.

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