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Truck Axle Service

June 18, 2018 · in Diorama · · 25 Comments

This is another small and quick vignette I made in-between my current major truck build. Yes, I have been doing quite a lot of them lately. I wanted something to take with me to the GGG exhibition in Sweden, in two weeks time. So I came up with this after seeing a pic on the net. I used parts, which I modified to be able to get the open rear axle effect I wanted. I have lots of parts left over from older builds, which I've discarded over the years. Hope you all like it.

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25 responses

  1. What's not to like about this Charles!? Great work, as always. I think Scania can learn from this...

  2. Charles, your little "slices" of real life are fantastic. This one is no different. Well done, my friend.

  3. Another one from the weathering master!
    Hat off!

  4. Amazing attention to detail, Charles...always a treat to see your stuff.

  5. Nice work. About as close to looking at the real thing as possible. Something I always strive for in the details.

    • Thanks Gary. I always try to put as much effort into making my models as realistic as possible. But it helps if you take outside photos as well. Natural lighting is just hard to beat.

  6. This has you all over it - great attention to detail with that ‘slice of life’ element. Very nice.

  7. Hi Charles. For me these compositions highlight your observation skills and artistic mindset. To reproduce something to this masterful level you really have to open your eyes and mind and 'study' life to find the nuance and the detail. Having the vision (literally and figuratively) and the skills to frame these projects is unusual. To me, Charles I have to say you less a modeler and more an artist.

    • David, your comment has stirred a open vault of unconditional love for your remark. I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I still feel, that I have yet to reach the pinnacle of modeling, like so many fantastic artist around the world. Every-time, I think, I have made it, I look upon a masterful piece, and it brings me back down to earth. But, this encourages me greatly to succeed ever more proficiently. I do thank you for your encouragement and upliftment. Kind regards.

  8. Really very unique and very impressive!

  9. I love the way you think outside the box, and then just make a slice of "life" that only appears in your imagination come to life! Yeah - I know you probably get inspiration from the stuff around you or pics, but it just pops to life under your care. All the detail and weathering make what would normally be an uninteresting still life just scream for attention!

    • Hi Greg. Thank you for that. All my inspirations are from pics from the net(about 99% of the time).
      I like taking normal scenes out of everyday life and make something out of it.
      My mind is kinda full of ideas that I more or less, to play around. I like the unusualness free

  10. Charles,

    Perfect agin... That fifth wheel looks like it was just removed. the grease and grim, the oily rag and the half bald tire are all just perfect. You need to put on a one man show at a truck convention. Your art work is priceless.

  11. Great artistic work!

  12. Incredible work. Without the background for scale, this would be real. You’ve got talent.

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