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‘Nother 1/48 target

February 28, 2013 in Armor

My first 1/48 armor build- Tamiya’s PzKpfw. IIIL. Kinda OOB + … no real modifications, just some extra detailing and a bunch of Eduard P-E. Even used the kit tracks & decals. Weathering the usual combo of oil washes & chalk pastels. Thanks for looking.



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5 responses to ‘Nother 1/48 target

  1. Oh, yeah… check out the floating extra track links on the front. Fortunately, they’re not glued! 😉

  2. I gotta say it looks the part!
    Havent done a 1/48 armor yet, always scared that it was too small to get alot of detail out of, but you guys are makin me think otherwise!

  3. Nice work….I’ve got a 48th Sherman to be built and I, too, have not yet done any armor in that scale. Hope it turns out as well as your build, Stan.

  4. Nice work, since I only build 1/48th, I was really excited by Tamiya’s release of armor in that scale. I find that they build up to be very nice looking kits and with a little work can really stand out. They are much easier and better than the old Bandai kits that I have. Yours looks good here. Nice overall finish, and your weathering techniques have done a good job of highlighting the details of the kit.

  5. Surprise! A gorgeous model from Stan Traas. Nice shading, perfect tracks.

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