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The Mighty Duesenberg

June 16, 2013 in Automotive

This is a representation of an SJ with a LeBaron dual cowl phaeton body.
It is the original Hubley version of this kit. 1/18th scale combination metal & plastic parts. All major body parts & engine block are metal & screwed together, The interior, trunk. grill, top & lights are plastic.
I know I built this kit in ’80/’81 because I was working on the road then & remember being in my hotel room in the evening filing, not sanding, on the metal pieces. The body was brush painted with I believe Floquil railroad paint & the top & trunk sprayed with Testor’s little bottle paint. When I bought my first bottle of this type paint it was a nickel. The whitewall tires were done with a product called “Gesso” I feel like this looks more like a whitewall than anything else.
The kit molds have been rereleased by different owners over the years. Each time with more metal flash to file.
Thanks for looking & putting up with my rambling.

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7 responses to The Mighty Duesenberg

  1. oh my al…these classics are turning me on…sweet paint job

  2. Al….What a classic. Beautiful elegant and sexy vehicle from a period of great style. Do you still use “Gesso” for white walls today? Very nice build as usual.

    • Yes to the Gesso. It’s water based & you just keep brushing the coats on till you have good coverage. It’s best it the tire has a hard edge for the sidewall. I’ve not tried it on plastic whitewall inserts but if you rough up the slick plastic it should work. The insert type whitewall is too white for my tastes.

  3. Nice job love the two tone paint!

  4. Mighty is the word, are the pictures recent?

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