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1:18 scale modeling

Scratch build, building front

Here are results after trying to duplicate a MC club house building. There are a few minor mistakes when comparing the two, which I overlooked. But the overall look when browsing indiscriminately, will make up for them.

F1 drivers from the past

This batch of 5 F1 drivers in 1/18 scale was a comissioned chalenge 😀 Although not particulary F1 fan myself, I must confess that I really enjoyed painting them. Hope you like too, And know, without further delays, lets meet: Juan [...]


Some fine machinery...1/24 Revell and 1/18 Tamiya (work in progress)

Scratch built wooden model

I know it’s been a while since I showed you a model I’ve made.This is a 1/18 scale of a Flak 88 AA/AT gun. I showed a smaller one last year.

BBI F/A-18C Hornet scale 1/18

Just finished my current project is to detailing the BBI Standmodel of a F/A-18C Hornet in scale 1/18 to a Swiss Air Force J-5018

A pair of German WW2 guns.

A pair of scratch built German field howitzers.Not sure of the scale,they were copied from pictures.I would say about 1/18 scale.Both are made from wood.

Scratch built 40mm Bofor gun.

Scratch built 40mm Bofor gun.Copied the dimensions from the 1/72 Airfix kit which in my opinion is a very good detailed kit,making mine a 1/18 scale.(4 times bigger).

Scratch built 18 pounder field gun.

Scratch built 18 pounder field gun.Copied from a 1/72 kit four times bigger,1/18 scale.Made from pine and ply.

L118 light Howitzer

I found this photo on the internet and thought wow that looks good.I had already built a scratch built model of the 105mm British L118 light gun (1/18scale) so I thought I’ll have a go st making my first diorama to depict the photo.After [...]

Scratch built German sIG 33 howitzer.

Scratch built German sIG 33 howitzer. Copied the dimensions from a 1/72 kit times four=1/18 scale. Made from ply and dowling.