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US desert training vehicle

This is a scratch built 1970s M35 Deuce US desert training truck. I copied the dimensions from an Academy M35 cargo truck but changed the wheels.The kit is a 1/72 scale so I made it four times bigger = 1/18 scale.Made from pine and ply.

Scratch built Leopard 2.

This is a scratch built model of a Germen Leopard 2 I made a few years ago.Only one bad photo of it unfortunately.1/18 scale,made from wood.

Scammell SV/2S Recovery Truck

Scratch built Scammell recovery truck. Copied from an Airfix tank transporter,but converted it to a recovery truck. 1/18 scale made from pine and ply. 10.5 inches long.

Scratch built German AA gun

Scratch built German Flak 36 88mm AA/AT gun. Copied from a 1/72 kit made four times bigger = 1/18 scale. Made from pine and ply.

Chieftain tank

Scratch built Chieftain tank. Made from pine and ply. 1/18 scale.

Soviet T34/85 tank.

Scratch built T 34/85 Soviet tank. I copied the dimensions from a 1/72 kit times 4 making it a 1/18 scale model. Made from pine and ply.

Challenger 1 First Gulf War.

Scratch built from pine and ply.The top part of the hull is made up of separate plates and sanded down to get the correct shape.The tracks are made from rubber matting you find in offices and factories.Took four weeks to make and is 1/18 scale.

VW Beetle Afrika Korps 1942

A friend asked me to transform his 1/18 scale VW 1950 model Beetle into a Afrika Korps vehicle from 1942. The model is not the type of VW Beetle used in 1942 since it's a civilian 1950 type. The diecast model was stripped down, paint removed and[...]

1/18 French SBD-5 Dauntless, Indochina 1947

Hi guys - as I haven't really been on this site since I made a thread about my 1/32 B -17 Diorama 'An Inglorious End' a couple of years ago, here's my latest project! 1/18 French SBD-5 Dauntless Indochina 1947. Total construction time just un[...]

The Mighty Duesenberg

This is a representation of an SJ with a LeBaron dual cowl phaeton body. It is the original Hubley version of this kit. 1/18th scale combination metal & plastic parts. All major body parts & engine block are metal & screwed together,[...]
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