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1/35 15 cm artillery, Trumpeter

August 30, 2013 in Armor

In September 1939, the German army taught the world the value of coordinating artillery fire with Blitzkrieg (a lesson the Allies learned well and turned back on their teachers). The 15 cm gun was their primary weapon, both in the towed version (here) and as a SPA on the Panzer III/IV hull and called Hummel.

This is a very intricate kit by Trumpeter, and well conveys the serious nature of artillery. The gun may be assembled in towed or firing position, and includes a good number of accessories to flesh out the display. Construction is straight forward and logical. Colors are the bland German Panzer grey, with pre- and post- shading.

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5 responses to 1/35 15 cm artillery, Trumpeter

  1. Excellent. Very well done.

  2. Michael, nice job. I recently bought Tamiya’s German FLAK 37 anti- aircraft gun kit. It is now coming off the sprues-thanks for the “push” to get it started.

  3. Good-lookin’ piece, Michael…to me, the weathering/finish looks “just right”.

  4. Thanks. It was my first experiment with pre-and post shading. . . especially on such a bland color scheme.

  5. Michael,
    You have very good skills and this is another fine example of those skills.

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