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Braille Scale Challenger II

October 17, 2013 in Armor

OOB build of British Challenger II. 1/72nd scale. Nato scheme is free-hand airbrush with mild weathering. Antenna are paint brush bristles.
It’s hard to beat Revell of Germany armor in this scale.

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7 responses to Braille Scale Challenger II

  1. Nicely finished as always, Al, if it wasn’t for the size of the boulders we would never know it’s in this small scale.

  2. Al,
    For a 1/72 tank you did an outstanding job. Your paint job looks great. Looks like a rather large cobblestone road. I really like this

  3. Thanks guys. I should have mentioned the “base” is a decorative garden step.

  4. Cool looking tank-I like the paint scheme.

  5. Nice clean build, it looks bigger than 1:72, great lead photo.

  6. I had to look twice, Al. I thought it was a lot bigger. Well done !

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