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Meet the Fokkers…

February 22, 2021 · in Aviation · · 13 · 1.6K

... 1/48 Dual Combo kit, totally OOB. Due to too small/vague locating pins, these guys are a bit fiddley, especially having to apply the wing decals first. On the second model I learned that attaching the positively located "N" struts first helped a lot.

Did I mention decals?... They were very good (hint- don't apply them on bare plastic- coat the wings with a nice wet coat of semi- glossy paint... I used MRP Medium Sea Grey), but I calculate about 450 between the two A/C. Color accuracy of WW I German A/C makes WW II Luftwaffe look simple... anyone who really knows the right answer is full of hot air (or perhaps hydrogen or maybe NiO2?), but I do wonder about the purple rib tapes- I've only read about 'light blue'. But, I wasn't about to go on some holy grail quest for aftermarket decals and there weren't enough blue ones in the kit for both models so... purple stripes is was.

So, no research, no weathering, just put some bits together and painted 'em. Attempting to paint laminated props is a PITA in my book and they did not turn out superbly. Did toy with gluing up and carving some real laminated props as I have a bunch of veneer, but lazied out once again. Maybe when I build the DR.Is...

Cheers and thanks for looking!

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  1. Purple rib tape went with OAW D.VIIs, which is just what you did, so that's perfect.

    Lozenge is one of those "big deals" one learns in WW1 modeling and you have passed the course.

  2. Those props look good from here Stan!

  3. Those fokkers look good ,

  4. High quality builds.

  5. Great looking Fokkers, Stan.
    The wooden look of the propellors is beautiful.

  6. Love them both, Stan!
    The lozenge looks fantastic, as well as the "wood" effect on the props!

  7. Nothing wrong with your painted wood props Stan, in fact even in a bigger scale they would look the part. Fantastic duo, I like them a lot

  8. Well done. I too think the props came out nice.

  9. They look great, Stan.

  10. Nice brace of Fokkers!

  11. Nicely done Stan, at 1/48 then can't be very big , always admire anyone able to work with WW I A/C in that scale.

  12. Your Fokkers look great!

  13. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice and clean work on these models Stan, simple yet so interesting to look at,
    good work.

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