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The major George Preddy “Cripes a mighty 3” P-51 D-5- NA beginning of the assembly

December 3, 2013 in Aviation

Hello everyone,

To illustrate my new liking for 1/32, here are the first pictures of my new project, the P-51 D-5-NA “Cripes A Mighty 3”.
The kit is the wonderful Tamiya 1/32 and I did some shopping (something I did not until now because I contented myself with the original box) with Barracuda Studio.
I assembled the engine and started the cockpit.
I hope you enjoy it.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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19 responses to The major George Preddy “Cripes a mighty 3” P-51 D-5- NA beginning of the assembly

  1. Lookin’ good, Eric…..keep us posted,

  2. That is nice Eric, as Craig said , keep us posted, I can se a master class happening.

  3. Thank you very much Craig and Simon.
    I think that i should need a long time before reaching the end of this project. It is a real pleasure to build this kit and i hope to do my best to represent this fabulous version.

    Best regards, Eric

  4. Nice build, Eric. I’ve seen several of these ‘stangs built and the kit detail is always impressive. I like that you’ve added a little scratchbuild aft of the cockpit – even the little things count.

  5. Beautiful work! Great job on the cockpit and it will add a lot to the finished model. I look forward to watching as the build progresses.

  6. Thank you very much Mark.

    Regards, Eric

  7. Eric,
    Beautiful work so far. If you are interested, Eagle Editions makes a 1/32 figure of George Preddy (I have one and it is one of the best sculpted figures I have ever seen). A figure like that would really enhance your build.

    • Thank you so much Seamus. I have this figure for this plane and like you i think that it is the best figure i have seen.

      I just post an other picture to illustrate that.

      Best regards, Eric

  8. I’m sure it’s going to be another great build from you, Eric, thank you for keeping us posted on your progress.

  9. Eric,
    I am eagerly waiting to see the finished far I am really impressed,as always, with your work.

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