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An-26 A-model 1/72

April 17, 2014 in Aviation

Big kit of a big airplane. I received a kit from friend, built already. I dissasembled it and cleaned it of old paint, then reassembled and added few details. Painted with automotive paints in a new Serbian AF livery, decals again from Lift Here.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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7 responses to An-26 A-model 1/72

  1. All kits want to be finished 🙂 Commendable work on an interesting ariplane. I’ve always liked the lines of these Antonov transports.

  2. “I’ve always liked the lines of these Antonov transports” I can only echo Martins comments . Its a interesting plane that doesn’t get modeled enough.My only niggle is that given the “Commendable” working being done more photo’s need to be posted.
    The internet can really show some great work …the down side is that you can’t see it person.

    Two thumbs.

  3. Looks very impressive, Igor, how big is it?

  4. Good idea. I have a few that could stand recycling. Antonov designs always interesting.

  5. Igor,
    Great job deconstructing and reconstructing. Excellent work.

  6. Good job, Igor. I noticed that there is what looks like an exhaust port on the trailing end of the starboard (right) engine but not on the port (left) side. Do you know why? I’d love to find out.

  7. Jeefry, thank you. The port you mention is indeed exhaust port for APU, it is located in the back of the starboard engine. Here is the photo of it:,_Ministry_of_Emergency_Situations_of_Ukraine_AN2302603.jpg

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