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Scale modeling for over 20 years, mainly interested in WWII airplanes in 1/72. My focus is especially on Spitfire, I have over 40 of them in 1/72. Member of Belgrade Scale Modellers Club and IPMS Serbia.

LS 1/72 G3M1 Nell

Another of my recent 1/72 builds, this time it's old LS Nell. Built basically OOB, with some additions in the cockpit. Painted with spray can silver and Gunze red and black. Wash is Tamiya. Thanks for looking, comments are welcome, as [...]

Airfix 1/72 J30 Mosquito

Finished some time ago, OOB. Colors are Gunze acrylics, decals from the box, a few things added in the cockpit. I simply love the Airfix Mosquito, somehow it looks just right to my eye. Thanks for looking, comments are always welcome!

Matchbox 1/72 Halifax

Hi guys, another one from me. Completely rescribed, interior completely upgraded, but you can't see it from the photos, exhausts came from Revell, props are reshaped and thinned, gun barrels are Quickboost. Paints are Gunze, exhaust stains [...]

Hasegawa 1/72 P-51C “Miss Pelt”

Hello everybody, here is my try at Hasegawa P-51C. Built almost OOB, with addition of Quickboost exhausts. Painted with Gunze Aluminium and Red, wash is Tamiya, and exhaust stains and dirt a combination of Tamiya smoke and Tamiya D [...]

Academy B-17F "Shamrock Special"

Hey guys, here's my try at Academy Fortress. Almost OOB, with exception of QB gun barrels and scratchbuilt landing lights. Markings are from Revell, since i always wanted to do "Shamrock", with it's replacement tail, it makes [...]

Yakovlev Yak-1B ZTS Mikro 1/72

Old kit from ZTS, with lot of scratchbuilding and improvements - new prop and spinner, all panels rescribed, completely scratchbuilt interior, modified landing gear and main wheels, hollowed out exhausts and gun barrels, etc. Canopy is [...]

An-26 A-model 1/72

Big kit of a big airplane. I received a kit from friend, built already. I dissasembled it and cleaned it of old paint, then reassembled and added few details. Painted with automotive paints in a new Serbian AF livery, decals again from [...]

Jastreb Lift-Here 1/72

What Wikipedia has to say about Jastreb: The Soko J-21 Jastreb is a Yugoslav turbojet attack aircraft, designed by the Aeronautical Technical Institute (ATI), (Serbian: Vojnotehnički Institut Beograd (VTI)), in Belgrade and manufactured [...]

Hurricane Mk.IIc Trop 1/72 Revell

Revell Hurricane in 1/72, made mostly OOB. I only detailed cockpit a bit, added seatbelts made from masking tape, transparent wingtip and landing lights and Quickboost cannon barrels. Colors are Gunze, decals are from Lift Here, and are [...]