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RAF Cosford Part Three

April 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thats it Hope You Enjoy Looking Through Them, i can tell you this i really enjoyed taking em

21 additional images. Click to enlarge

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5 responses to RAF Cosford Part Three

  1. Fantastic group of pictures & models that they show. Don’t think anyone would disagree with the “Best of Show”
    Is your aircraft winner in there anywhere?
    What is the twin engine aircraft on the Airfix table?
    Many thanks for sharing.

    • Hi AL,No mine isn’t on any of the photos but you have seen it,its the 1/72 FW190-D from JV44 the one in the flying pose the photos i posted on iModeler weren’t that great to be honest i may get round to shooting some more one day thats if i dont sell it on eBay first my display case is getting a bit full, and if you remember i built these little inexpensive kits to sell to generate some cash to buy more model stuff!!
      There were two twin engined kits on show one was the new Do17-Z and the other is the Bristol Blenheim Mk1 but looking at the canopy sprue’s it looks like a MkIV might be coming along
      the white kit is the new Folland Gnat 1/48 cant wait for that one.
      cheers AL

  2. Great stuff. Some seriously good figure modelers turned out for that show.

  3. Thanks for taking and posting all these photographs, Mark, much appreciated.

  4. Hi Mark, good shots from Cosford, really miss that show, it’s a real treat to have a model show surrounded by so many real and iconic Japanese, Luftwaffe, RAF and experimental aircraft types that can present so many reference opportunities- no UK based modeller should miss it.



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