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I Like Jugs, Pt. 5

Here’s my interpretation of Gabby ’s P-47D. This is the kit, one of the best engineered kits I’ve ever had the pleasure to make. Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t have a half dozen more in my collection. Oh, wait! Maybe it’s the cost? On the other hand, it’s not like I haven’t spent the same money on other kits (the Tamiya P-38 comes to mind). I think I’m talking myself into going shopping when I finish this article...

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11 responses

  1. Beautiful build, Scott.
    This scheme of Gabby Gabreski’s P47 is wonderful.
    Also the weathering you applied is great.
    Still need to build a Jug myself and this one is high on the wishlist.

  2. Nice Jug, Scott!

    Tamiya kits are so nice, aren't they?

    And I see their recent prices being very attractive, at least here in Greece. It might have to do with the fact that many (most? all?) of them are now made in the Philippines, with the usual excellent Tamiya quality.

    Regarding your excellent Gabreski scheme, I've got the old basic Testors Jug with a Gabreski Scalemaster decal sheet, bought sealed from my (now sadly closed) local beloved toy/hobby shop for €5 in 2005...

    I know it's basic, maybe inaccurate-ish, but somehow I want to build it, your build being a great motivation.

    Well done!

  3. Always love a jug and your is no exception.

  4. I'm trying not to build any more military models, but you've tempted with this one, it just looks so good.

  5. Nice to see - great work Scott !

  6. Outstanding work!

  7. Very sharp model

  8. Nice guess. I say that because what I have learned about this airplane from research for my take on it is that it was a "work in progress" markings-wise for the eight weeks Gabreski had it, which goes far to explain why there are so many variations in results. Thus, we are all guessing, some more informed than others, but all guessing. What were they thinking? Just because they were busy invading Europe, they couldn't take five minutes and take some more pictures? They were out of Kodachrome that week? ( 🙂 )

    Tamiya's P-47 series and their Corsair series are their best - easy to assemble, a great result guaranteed if you pay attention.

  9. Nice job, Scott. The British camo paints look great on P-47s.

  10. That's a real beauty - love the Gabreski scheme!

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