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Hasegawa A6M2 Zero 1/48

May 26, 2014 in Aviation

This build represents plane flown by Tetsuzo Iwamoto, one of the top scoring aces among IJNAF fighter pilots.

After two months of work, this is the final result.

Used lots of aftermarket stuff: Eduard cockpit interior and flaps, True Detail wheels, Hobbydecal dry transfer decals, lots of scratch build and riveting.
Painted with Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics.
Hope you like it!


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25 responses to Hasegawa A6M2 Zero 1/48

  1. absolutely lovely piece of work

  2. Extremely good work both on the model & with your camera. Tell us about the base please.

    • Thanks Al! Re that base, I have used Eduard’s IJN aircraft carrier deck (eduard 8803). It is one piece styrene with engraved details. All you have to do is to paint it 🙂

  3. Great job! Very lively.

    Best regards, Vlad.

  4. Wow!! That’s about 11/10ths good looking!!! I too have developed a fondness for the Type 21.


  5. Milan,
    That is just beautiful. And the base of an elevator on the carrier deck is really a nice touch. Thanks!

  6. Absolutely stunning Milan.

  7. Yeah…..what they said. Nice job all-around, Milan.

  8. Great work, Milan. Your subtle weathering works well.

  9. Don’t know how you manage all of that detail in that scale. Terrific build, Milan.

  10. Absolutely beautiful, fantastic build, and superb finish, I think you captured the “ame-iro” caramel grey as well as I’ve seem it done.

  11. Excellent! I liked it.

  12. Great job ! nice color !!!!!
    excellent build !

  13. Wow Milan, Stunning Zero, great result for two months work
    i was wondering what colour you used for the camo ? i have read a few articles on the subject and the debate is still open some say a caramel colour others say its a pale grey i dont know which, but What i do know is that i like yours!!!

  14. Beautiful work and you got the camo color just right. Did you use the new Tamiya paint for that?

  15. Nice clean build, wonderfull cockpit detail.

  16. Finely finished, Milan. Seems to be the month for Zeros – we’ve had them in 1/72, 1/32, and now yours in quarter scale – and each a little different.

    I’ve noticed at shows/competitions, thogh, no matter how well a build is executed, Empire of Japan aircraft often get overlooked in favour of Luftwaffe, US, Wingnut Wings kits (still flavour of the month!) – just about anything else. We seem to be able to connect with them in forums like this, but for some reason ‘blank’ them as serious subjects at venues. They deserve wider recognition for the excellent variety of types and opportunities/challenges for modellers.

    Thanks for posting.

  17. I am tremendously impressed with this – I wonder about how you did lots of things, but one detail I really am curious to ask is: How did you make the antenna wire, particularly the attachments at the ends?

    Great model!

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