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Eduard Mk.9e Spitfire 1/48 Royal Egyptian Airforce

August 7, 2016 · in Aviation · · 19 Comments

This is the kit and to be honest I found it a bit of a pain in the arse to build, the wing to fuselage fit was dreadful requiring the removal of about 1mm of plastic on each side ,the kit generally was what I would call pointlessly parts heavy,don't get me wrong I'm all in favour of well engineered kits but the wheel wells had something like seven fiddley parts on each side ,the leading edge of the wings where they meet the fuselage were separate parts and one or two other needless details also the bulkhead behind the pilots seat that is supposed to be attached to the skin of the aircraft wasn't even close to fitting,but I suppose that is why we don't just buy die cast desk ornaments right?

Any how I bought the kit because I had the decals in the stash and thought it would look good on show days as I already have an Israeli ,some may know that during the early days of the Arab / Israeli conflict Spitfires fought head to head ,the main difference was that the Israeli airforce piloted mainly by British and American crews had to rely on aircraft largely cobbled together from parts found where they could but the Egyptian aircraft were supplied legitimately by the British government and maintained by the RAF and yet the Israeli's still managed to knock the stuffing out of there opponents, boy did we back the wrong horse !, I have nothing but admiration for the Israeli's.

Thanks for looking,N.

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19 responses

  1. Seems to have turned out well enough, despite all the "shortcomings" you mentioned. I think this may be the first time I've heard someone was dissatisfied with an Eduard kit. Oh well...perhaps it was an early production model...they're quite well-engineered nowadays.

    • Thanks for looking Craig,this will be my last post for this week so thanks for your patience and kind words.I was surprised at the poor quality myself,I have also built the Eduard Polikarpov type 24 which will appear in my next batch of postings and was much better. N.

  2. Welcome back, Neil! Good to see you up and at it.

    Love the color scheme on this one...

  3. You have been a busy then Neil
    Nice one mate,

  4. And even more bizarrely, you could have the Egyptians in Spitfires flying against the Israelis flying Czech Avia S-199 shotgun wedding version of the Me-109! G subtype with a Jumo attached. Their handling characteristics were described as "vicious".
    I didn't know that the RAF was maintaining Egyptian Spitfires. Prior to Suez, I was aware that UK contract pilots were instructing in the the EAF.

    • The box art for the Hobbycraft S-199 has a dogfight scene between an S-199 and an Egyptian Spit that looks like this.
      Nice clean build, not often you see EAF aircraft.

      • Hey Bernard,thanks for looking,I have an Israeli Avia S199 in my gallery you might like to check it out,I did quite a bit of research to get the colour correct (unlike that box art you mentioned),the Israeli's also shot down a few RAF aircraft who got too close,don't mess with those guys !

  5. Eduard has what I call multikits. There are sometimes parts for multiple versions in each boxing. In their Spits, there's the IX early "C", a later "C", and an "E", Thin or larger cannon blisters on the upper wings, and the E wing armament has no outer .303s, and switches the positions for the cannon and the single .50, and might have bomb racks for 2x250lbs.

    Couple of canopies, as well. Cropped or full wingtips.

    That's good or bad, depending on what you have in mind, but the spares box is enhanced.

  6. lovely scheme Neil...the green is so different

  7. Great looking Spitfire.

  8. Like the livery, Neil, neat work with what may be a difficult kit. Britain selling planes to the Egyptian Air Force, was that "pyramid" selling"?

  9. Nice "Faraon" Spit

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