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This year’s builds…. so far;

August 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

From the top;
Hobby Craft 1/48 Me 109B out of Box.
Williams Bros 1/32 Gee Bee Racer with Gabreski figure for effect. O.o.b.
Testors 1/48 SR-71, added details to landing gear, resin cockpit, rescribed entire model.
Model Craft 1/48 F-82, what can I say here, it’s really not as bad as everyone says, just take care in fitting. I added details to the cockpits and the radar pod is a resin replacement. I scratchbuilt the main gear. Monogram P-51 canopies.
Encore 1/32 Capt. McCudden, o.o.b.
Monogram 1/48 AC-47. Added guns from cutting edge, figures a mix of Verlinden and Aero Bonus with PROPER sidearms.
Monogram 1/48 DC-3, o.o.b., decals from Vintage Flyer, finished in Testors Metalizer Buffable Aluminum.
Present project, Polar Lights 1/350 Star Trek Enterprise with lighting kit. White glue windows, hull color is Tamiya Insignia White.
That’s it so far this year.

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9 responses to This year’s builds…. so far;

  1. Very nice group of models. You might think about listing them individually to give them & yourself justice.

  2. You’ve got quite the production line going John. Good looking models sure would like to know more about them.

  3. All good stuff – I really like the C-47.

  4. I didn’t think the Hobby Craft / Academy bf-109 kits had separate leading edge slants???


  5. A diverse range of subjects with a consistently high standard of modelling – they look great. I especially like the civilian DC-3 and the twin Mustang.

  6. You’ve certainly been busy, great models, they deserve separate postings.

  7. John, you are a modeling machine!
    Did you use the gunship kit, or modify the C-47 with the paratroops?
    I got to see one of them in action while I was overseas one evening. It was impressive, and scary.
    Great bunch of builds, beautifully done.

  8. John,
    Late comment but nevertheless your work is outstanding. Very impressive group of models. I love the GB.

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