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August 2, 2022 · in Aviation · · 11 · 1.2K

So after just over fifty years of slapping together pieces of injected plastic, I've finally attempted an aircraft in a chipped & faded winter finish. After the 70/71 was masked & sprayed, I sealed it with a coat of gloss, then decalled and sealed again this time with two good coats of gloss. I left that for a week before decanting & spraying the hairspray in two coats, allowing that to go-off overnight then mottling the (Tamiya) white. I let that settle for around four hours then began picking, scratching and brushing it away in the high wear areas.

Later on I applied a light brownish grey overall wash using/mixing Flory washes which slightly toned the white and took-the-edge-off the finish. I sealed that with a coat of Tamiya lacquer satin clear. After a couple of days I broke-out the W & N oils and dirtied-up around the nacelles and added the exhaust streaks. After that was all sealed away, the last step was the streaks on the underside, again with W & N oils. Last job was two overall coats of Tamiya lacquer matt clear, a little pigment work on the tyres and final assembly.

As a first-attempt I'm fairly pleased with what I've ended-up with. If I do this finish again, I won't leave the hairspray as long to dry as it was quite stubborn to remove in some areas. So there t'is, please feel free to ask any questions, make any comments or criticisms. Going to take a break from aircraft building for a while as I've completed six builds in about four months, so time for an AFV build next I think.

All the best from NZ.

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  1. Looks great, Ian. That kit is on my to get list.

    • It's easily as good as the Blenheim and B-25 which I've built. They seem to have really nailed the 'light & medium twins' with these modern versions of their old catalogue.

      I do pray to modelling G*ds each night that they do the same for their Boston III /A-20C and B-26 Marauder.

      • I agree. I’ve built two of the new Blenheims, two of the Whitleys, the Beaufort, and the Wellington. B-25 is still in the stash. I’m hoping they do a new Hampden and A-20 too.

  2. Well done, Ian (@ij001). White is tough under any circumstances, but doing a weathered winter finish this well on the first try is really setting the bar high.

  3. A well worn Dornier, Ian @ij001
    The weathered winter camouflage did turn out very nice.
    Looks much bigger than 1/72 this way.

  4. Love the final result, Ian!

  5. That's really nice. That Airfix kit is a little gem - did one myself. It's "got the detail of 1/48" in 1/72.

  6. Amazing build with fascinating colors. I could never do this! These Airfix kits are all great.

  7. It turned out really great!

  8. Thank you folks, as ever, really appreciate the kind words. Time now for a few days away from the bench, and then bring something big, green and mean back because there's a local (for NZ) comp in September and that's the impetus I need to finish...

    ...the 'Beast'.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  9. Love it! I just did some hairspray chipping myself. I've had good luck using a blowdryer to help dry the hairspray, and pretty much immediately coming back with the paint layer, only allowing the paint to set for about 45 minutes before using some water to help activate the underlying hairspray and get the chipping going.

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