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Asuka models, M4 Sherman Late fay in 1/35 scale

September 23, 2019 · in Armor · · 47 ≡

Hi everyone, here is my Late fay in scale, by Asuka models. an amazing kit!

colors and weathering effects by Tamiya and Ammo-mig.

have a great day!

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  1. A top-notch build and great photos to boot. This is outstanding !

  2. Another masterpiece!
    You have a skill to make a rather dull looking tank come to life, full of details and realistic nuances.
    Speaking of...just what is the colour that shows the unpainted surfaces retailed by the wear and tear? Looks so real

  3. Absolutely amazing! The detail of the kit is fantastic, and then with your skills applied... What a great tank!

  4. Great looking tank, Allon! I guarantee those wine bottles wouldn't last long, though! LoL! I especially like the extra machine gun locked to the rear. Nice touch!

    Your attention-to-detail is excellent.


    • Thank you, Jeff!
      This is why I made a few bottles extra πŸ™‚

      • Good idea, @allonkira67! Tanks are MUCH smoother riding than a wheeled vehicle, but they go over MUCH rougher conditions ... as I'm sure you can imagine. I've seen stainless steel Thermos bottles with their sides partially collapsed from "riding" on the turret through a field. Glass wouldn't survive ... but on a road, the glass bottles would survive just fine. It's a great ... and typical ... item a tank crew might pick up.

        • Thank you, Jeff! I totally agree. Btw, this is why the IDF uses only styrofoam thermoses.

          • Allon, @allonkira67

            We used an empty 20 MM ammo box. It was bolted to the rear fender. It has a rubber seal on the lid and was water tight. If (or when) we were fortunate and got some ice, we had a bolted on cooler... ready to go. The only downfall was that it was not insulated very well. So the ice would melt rather quick in the desert...

            Tracked vehicles do ride much smoother than wheels... Jeff was right on the money about that. I've seen tanks go through some horrendous terrain. The worst I ever saw a tank get stuck, was one in Germany. It was in the mud, and only part of the turret was visible ! The remaining lower portion was entirely hidden in the mud... Glad I wasn't in that crew.

  5. Just a fantastic build. Went through the photos twice & enjoyed every shot. Great Erik all the way around. Keep β€˜me coming.

  6. Your attention to details is truly impressive.

  7. Excellent model and perfect pictures, some of them seems as if it was the real thing!
    Are the odds and ends on the engine hood included in the Asuka kit or have you added them?

  8. Not bad, not bad ... πŸ˜€

  9. Wow - a real beauty! I was drawn to so many details, especially in the closer shots. Your paint and weathering work is just waaayyy above par! Just gorgeous.

  10. Allon, very nice work. I wish I could do chipping and rust effects the way you do. That Sherman looks superb!

  11. This is a absolutely a great looking Sherman!

  12. A super build! And all those accessories you have it loaded out with, that cardboard box, pic. no. 5, is real convincing!

  13. Fantastic weathering, love it

  14. What can I say, this is a brilliant build, love the weathering, just fantastic.

  15. Another super build Allon!
    Wonderful work on the stowage and weathering!

  16. Allon, @allonkira67
    This is your best posting yet... and you have some really nice looking armor builds. I like all of the details on this one in particular. Well done my friend.


  17. Absolutely gorgeous! There is a lot of love and care in the model. Kudos!

  18. love the paint job Allon

  19. We can feel the touch of the cast and the smell of fuel and gun powder.
    You did an AAAAAAmazing job here, bravo Allon!

  20. Very, very nice work!

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