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1/48 Lightning F.2A

October 3, 2014 in Aviation

This is the 1/48 Airfix Lightning finished as “King Cobra” , 92Sq. Squadron Leader’s aircraft, RAF Germany, 1972. I built it from the recent Airfix re-issue of the 1997 vintage kit. This is the release that you want to get if you intend to build a late model Lightning F.2A/F.6. Avoid old 1997 first run kits, the decals are not very good. This one comes complete with Cartograph decals for this a/c , a green/gray camo bird, and an overall gray example. I painted it with Floquil Bright Silver enamel and various Humbrol enamels. The only thing I added to this kit were seat belts cut from lead sheet.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge

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23 responses to 1/48 Lightning F.2A

  1. OUTSTANDING John. Two thumbs up on this one!! The EE Lightning was undoubtedly the hottest British Cold War fighter!!!

  2. Excellent build and paint job John.
    Well done sir.

  3. Beautiful Lightning John, outstanding paint job

  4. No, this is criminal, as in not enough photos. I hate it when modest people do great work and show a couple of teasers …when need the full Monty.

    A killer kit with a bang up job for painting.

  5. Lovely build, John. A guy in our club used to fly these out of RAF Coltishall.

    • Thanks Rob. That had to be a blast flying these brutes. I love the stories about Lightnings catching Concordes in level flight and intercepting U-2s at altitude. I’m sure your friend is an interesting guy to talk to.

  6. Sharp looking Lightning, your NMF looks perfect, very well done !
    Some more photos would be a nice touch, got the same kit in my stash and it will have the same markings one day….

  7. Great looking Lightning, John, love the markings, but would also love more pictures, hope your camera is behaving itself now!

  8. Great looking build John ! Love the paint & livery ! The RAF jet fighters are really something !

  9. That’s a beautiful metallic finish John, great work! Its a shame you had camera problems, but maybe soon you can post more pics! 🙂

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