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F-102A 55-3419 from the 118th FIS, Connecticut ANG

November 29, 2014 in Aviation

Another of my Meng F-102A’s, this one is straight from the kit with the exception of a Master nose probe and Pavla seats. Overall FS16473 using Xtracolor – the color is not quite right but as close as I could get.

Decals are by Draw Decal from sheet 72s-F104-4, with Fundekal stencils. A nice scheme, but difficult to replicate as the Draw Decals were quite stiff and did not conform well to the shape of the fin.

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22 responses to F-102A 55-3419 from the 118th FIS, Connecticut ANG

  1. And if anyone can spot the deliberate mistake… 😉

  2. Nice looking Dart Chris. I find the Draw decals tough to get to work using HOT water and a HOT towel to apply. You can find the ADC Gray (Air Defense Command) in the Model Master paint rack.

  3. Craig – yep… I didn’t notice until after I took these pics, and I’ve never gotten around to taking more unfortunately…

  4. Jack – here in the UK we don’t have access to Model Master… The Xtracolor is a little too yellow, but it’s easily obtainable and I’ve got 2 in the same color now, so I guess I’m stuck with it!!

  5. Another fine build Chris.
    It amazes me the size of these single seater jets.

  6. She looks mighty fine Chris. Well done!!!

  7. Yes, Chris, you’ve got a nice touch with these machines.

  8. Well done Chris, another beautiful 102.
    BTW while FS16473 may be the “correct” color, like you, I don’t think it looks “right”. Maybe it’s “scale effect” but, I’ve always thought FS16473 looks like a “light institutional green”. To my eye ADC Grey has a blue cast. I’m thinking I could get there using Light Compass (Ghost) Grey FS36375 with a little white added. It would be a start anyway.

  9. Another sharp 102 Chris. Your going to keep tempting us till I get mine with the George Bush markings out of the stash.

  10. Great looking model Chris. Very impressive!
    California Steve

  11. Rick – I have Xtracolor and Precision Paints. One is too yellow and the other too blue, and neither match the FS595b color chips I have…

  12. And thanks all – although careful photography hides a multitude of sins 😉

  13. I can’t comment on the colour, Chris, but it’s obviously another very clean build of your favourite aircraft.

  14. Chris:
    Humbrol made a 16473 a while back, it’s probably one of the ones they discontinued. Was 146. I like 36495, which is lighter, that was 147.
    My theory/excuse is that the color faded, you see.
    Nice F-102, unusual and neat marking scheme.
    Maybe Squadron/Signal suggested it to the unit…. or JG2.

  15. Great as the first 102 Chris, looking very nice !

  16. Good looking 102 Chris! I love the Convair Deltas!!

  17. I never really liked them to be honest, but when the Meng kit came out and I started researching, I realised just how many nice schemes there have been!

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