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Convair F-102 Delta Dagger

Meng, F-102A in 1/72

Hi everyone, Here is my F-102A by Meng in 1/72. Built OOB, except a metal pitot tube. An excellent model with nice details and very good fit. Have a great day!

F-102 Delta Dager Revell/Monogram 1/48

Monogram Convair F-102A Delta Dagger

I took this model out to the Cameron Airport yesterday. I started it around May 1st, working on it in fits and starts, I finally got her across the finish line. It is the 1990 release of the 1/48 Convair F-102A from Monogram and it [...]

F-102A Delta Dagger (USAF) – 1/72

The Convair F-102 Delta Dagger was an interceptor aircraft that was built as part of a project of the USAF defenses in the late 1950s. Entering service in 1956, its main purpose was to intercept invading Soviet strategic bomber fleets [...]

I/48th Monogram F-102A

This F-102A was built pretty much out of the box with the exceptions being an Eduard PE seat belt and after-market decals from Draw. A trouble free build but I was surprised at how big that finished model is. The gray paint was MM enamel [...]

1/48th Academy T-33A

I just completed this 1/48th model of a T-33A that was assigned to the 157th TFS of the SC ANG. They were based at McEntire ANGB, SC. At the time that unit was equipped with the F-102 Delta Dagger. The model is an Academy T-33A which was a [...]

F-102A Walkaround

Hi everyone! Descended from the plans of Dr. Alexander Lippisch, the Convair F-102 Delta Dagger was an American interceptor aircraft that was built as part of the backbone of the United States Air Force's air defenses in the late 1950s. [...]

F-102A USAF 54-1399 short tail. A Revell ancient one.

This depicts an early F-102A as delivered to one of the first operational squadrons to receive them, the 327th FIS. It had the original shorter tail fin, and unmodified intake ramps and speed brakes. I added a pitot tube to the nose added [...]

1/48 ProModeler F-102A "Turkish Air Force"

This is 1/48 ProModeler F-102A Delta Dagger (Case X) with TuAF markings in 4th Main Jet Base at Murted-Ankara circa early 70s. Cockpit modified with Eduard instrument panel and Quickboost seat. Additionnaly I have used Quickboost resin [...]

Assorted Cold War Warriors – 1/1

Here are some assorted photos dad took at various locations when he stumbled upon interesting aircraft. Whenever I asked him if there were any aircraft he always wanted to fly that he never got a chance to, the F-86 and P-51 are the two [...]