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Revell 1/32 Mk2a Spitfire

December 27, 2014 in Aviation

Hi folks, hope everyone has had a good Christmas and are all ready for the New Year.
Well 2014 was a hard year for me I’ve really struggled to produce anything everything I started ended in the bin of doom never to be seen again. Then I noticed the new Revell Spitfire in the stock so quickly purchased it and decided that’s it I am going to build this so it was going to be an OOB build, the only thing I added were a set of RB Productions seatbelts.
Well folks I actually managed to finish it and I have to say Revell have produced a superb kit that is in my opinion of course. I only had to use a little Master Prime on a couple of joints and I think that could have been down to me.
Checkout my pictures all comments good and bad welcome ( sorry about the rubbish pictures).
Happy New Year to all our followers.
Regards Steve N.

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18 responses to Revell 1/32 Mk2a Spitfire

  1. Looks well used Steve, like the paint work.
    The seat belts could of sat flatter against the seat back.
    Well done mate.

  2. A very nice rendition of one of the most iconic WW II fighters. Well done!!!

  3. Good looking Spit Steve. What’s next?

  4. Hi Al, I’m just finishing of a 1/32 Bristol M1 from the Alley Cat resin kit.

  5. Hi everyone, I can honestly say this kit is superb value for money saying a curtain Japanese manufacturers is a £100 more and I can’t see the difference.
    Revell certainly have got the price right for what you get.

    Steve N.

  6. I waited for a little more than a year from the time this kit was announced to when it was actually produced. As someone who loves everything “Spitfire” (especially early marques) I bought two of them. Personally,I do not think Revell did as well of a job on their Spitfire as they did on their Bf-109G kit. There are quite a few flaws on this “Spit” kit, but nothing that cannot be overcome. Still, OOB it builds into a very nice replica. Well done, Steve!

    • Hi Seamus, you right but I’ve got to admit the price and the fit of the parts and what you get is superb a couple more will be coming out of stock and going into the stash.
      thanks for the reply.

  7. Nice Spitfire, Steve. Well build and nicely presented.
    Brush painting ?

  8. Beautiful job Steve. Never get tired of seeing one of these grand old ladies.

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