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Airfix Spitfire F Mk. 22

Here’s my version of the Airfix 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire F Mk. 22. For this project I wanted to go for a pristine post-war finish so I did very little weathering. I also used the AK Xtreme Metal polished Aluminum. I very much like that stuff! This meets my goal of a dozen kits done for the year and, I am nearly finished with my next 1/48 Tamiya armor kit! Exceeding a goal is good.

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25 responses to Airfix Spitfire F Mk. 22

  1. hmmm, a MK 22, a sleek airframe, oversize engine,a long pointy spinner and a wicked 5 bladed prop, then Scott comes along and gives it a nice silver paint scheme, = Excellent. Very nice Scott !

  2. Beautiful job, been eyeing this kit for awhile now. always liked the Mk 22, did the old Hawk kit as a kid. Might have add it to my stash.

    • Thanks Robert! The Airfix kit is a gem. I built at least six of those old Hawk kits when I was a kid. In fact, I remember seeing The Battle of Britain as a youngster when it came out and thinking, “Those Spitfires aren’t right! Spitfires have 5 blades! And, they’re green and gray, not green and brown. And, and …” So much I didn’t know then, lol.

  3. A pretty build, Scott….the finish came out well. Nice job.

  4. Very nice.

    FWIW – the post war silver scheme in the RAF was “High Speed Silver” – silver lacquer paint overall. What you did looks close.

  5. Nice looking Spit Scott. May have to check out the AK paint line

  6. That’s a good looking Spitfire you have built. If I didn’t know what scale it was I would think it was at least a 1/48 size. The kit looks like it packed a lot of details in it. Nice work Scott.

  7. Great job Scott! Looks like one fast sleek plane. Almost shimmers.

  8. Yes a lovely Spitfire Scott, well done.

  9. Great work on the Spit. This is the only new-tool Airfix kit I possess in my stash at the moment, and I’m gonna have to pull it out soon…!

  10. Stunning and beautiful build !

  11. Beautiful finish on this, really shows off the sleek lines of the Spitfire.

  12. Great job on the metal finish. I thought it was an Airfix 1/48 when I saw the pic

  13. Not normally a fan of bare metal but that Spit is sweet.

  14. Very, very pretty. Elegant. Made even better by a non weathered look.

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