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1/32 HK/Fisher Models Gloster Meteor F8, RAAF.

April 23, 2015 in Aviation

Here are photos of my 1/32 Gloster Meteor F.8 as flown by Pilot Officer Geoff Collins, 77Sqn RAAF, Kimpo Korea, 1952 during the Korean War.

For some history and info about Geoff, have a look at this link.


The model: HK Meteor F.4, extensively converted to an F.8 using the Fisher Model and Pattern resin kit.

Scratchbuilt :

Pilot cockpit access step
Rocket rails and stubs
Exhaust pipes assemblies


Opened the Ground/Flight switch access panel and added the flap
whip antenna
Landing light
Lowered main and nose gear legs by approx. 3mm
block treaded tires
heating element on each side of the windshield
Scratchbuilt new cartridge ejection chutes
Other stuff that I may have forgotten about.

13 additional images. Click to enlarge

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18 responses to 1/32 HK/Fisher Models Gloster Meteor F8, RAAF.

  1. Eric, whatever the shortcomings of the HK kit, you’ve certainly put them to rest with your attention to additional/corrective detail. A really nice jet.

  2. SUPERB!!! A real beauty. Well done!!

  3. Now that’s a good job right there, Eric….that took some doing! I applaud your tenacity (and skills). Nicely photographed as well.

  4. Eric, really beautiful work. The NMF looks very natural and nicely shaded and weathered. Was that all airbrush or did you use any rub-on elements (like Tamiya weathering sets)?

  5. Eric, Great looking Meteor, looks just like the ones pictured in a book I have. I must add that your base looks very nice also.

  6. What a mean looking plane! Great build!

  7. Nice work on a fine looking meatbox sir.

  8. Always one of my favourites.
    Great skills and a nice result.

  9. Nice model, great looking rockets!

  10. Eric: the Speed Silver finish (it was not NMF) looks very realistically worn, just right for the later period of the Aussie Meteors in Korea when they were relegated to ground attack. Overall excellent work!

  11. Hi guys, thanks for the comments.

    Greg, as Tom said, the model is painted in a high speed silver scheme so it is not bare metal. I actually painted the model using Tamiya AS-12. This is a rattle can paint and it was applied straight from the can.


  12. Very nice build Eric, some great detail and weathering.

  13. Eric,
    MayI add my compliments for an excellent job on this.

  14. Absolutely beautiful Eric. Weathering just right, finish perfect & awesome workmanship all round!

  15. Cracking build, Congratulations !

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