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HK Models scale model kits

TBD-1 Devastator and the Year Ahead

I have decided to call the Great Wall TBD-1 Devastator done though there are a few little details to fix, like the PE pitot probes that decided to get eaten by the carpet monster at the last minute. Overall the kit is pretty good. Link to [...]

Review: HK Models 1/32 A-20G Havoc Review

Review: HK Models 1/48 B-25J Mitchell Review

Review: H-K Models 1/48 B-25J Mitchell

What became the B-25 Mitchell medium bomber originated in a 1938 Army Air Corps proposal for a twin-engine medium bomber. The February 1938 proposal from North American aviation was accepted and followed by the production of the NA-40 [...]

HK Models 1/48 Avro Lancaster B Mk.1

This is my first build of an HK models kit and it did not dissappoint. The kit does have a few weak points but overall I really enjoyed the build. See all my models at: (link) Photograpy: Nikon D300; Focus Stacking using Helicon Focus; [...]

1:32 B-25J Mitchell Pacific diorama

The model was made from the HK kit. With minimal renovation. I used the figures ICM, Tamiya, Black Dog, for my walnut frame. JEEP is Tamiya's set.

´What If´ Avro Lancaster B Mk.l

Hello, after a long time I built another 'What If' model. It is an Avro Lancaster B Mk.I 1:48 by HKModel. This aircraft was put into service at Bomber Command in late 1943 and coincidentally, its first mission was a raid on Berlin. The [...]

HK Models 1/32 Mossie Mk.IV

Calling this one done. Pity the crappy camera never reflected the variation of the black although no pure black was used on the model. All extra work in the cockpit was scratch except for the Barracuda placards. The stowed dinghy was also [...]


My Do-335 HK Models

Review: H-K Models Avro Lancaster B. Mk. I

As William Green put it: "Many aeroplanes of the Second World War became famous; few were truly great. Greatness is a quality that cannot be instilled in an aircraft on the drawing board or the assembly line. A great aircraft must [...]