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1:32 B-25J Mitchell Pacific diorama

The model was made from the HK kit. With minimal renovation. I used the figures ICM, Tamiya, Black Dog, for my walnut frame. JEEP is Tamiya's set.

´What If´ Avro Lancaster B Mk.l

Hello, after a long time I built another 'What If' model. It is an Avro Lancaster B Mk.I 1:48 by HKModel. This aircraft was put into service at Bomber Command in late 1943 and coincidentally, its first mission was a raid on Berlin. The [...]

HK Models 1/32 Mossie Mk.IV

Calling this one done. Pity the crappy camera never reflected the variation of the black although no pure black was used on the model. All extra work in the cockpit was scratch except for the Barracuda placards. The stowed dinghy was also [...]


My Do-335 HK Models

Review: HK Models 1/48 B17G Review

Just arrived on my front porch

Looks like H-K did their research with Mark Postlethwait's Dambusters research. They've got the first accurate markings and camo of Gibson's G-George (some minor but important variation on the factory scheme, limited to his airplane [...]

Do 335 B2 HK Models 1/32

This year's 50th birthday, I got this impressive model from a friend. The great enthusiasm was soon to be replaced by sobering. The model will just come in such a hurry. HKM could give more. Everything is designed so that everything is [...]

Review: Just arrived at Le Chateau du Chat

Yes indeed, after three years of "coming soon," the H-K Lancaster has ARRIVED. For those interested in seeing the parts if you haven't seen them already, I suggest you go to the HK Facebook page, which has lots and lots. I can [...]

Review: HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk. I – a closer look

Somewhat overshadowed by all the recent frenzy about the Wingnut Wings’ big Lancaster, HK Models have been quietly working on completing their very own 1/32 kit of the famous RAF bomber. And now it’s here. Ready for release in [...]

HK 1/32 DH Mosquito BMk XVI Q Queenie, 128 Sq, RAF, Wyton, England late 1944

Here is the completed model of HK's rendition of the Mighty Mosquito B Mk XVI. I have read a number of less than glowing reviews as well as a number of equally glowing reviews on this kit and the truth as always lays somewhere in between. [...]