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1/48 Kinetic F-5A TuAF

May 2, 2015 in Aviation

Here is my 1/48 Kinetic F-5A Freedom fighter with the markings of Turkish Air Force circa 1971. This was finished few months ago.
Instrument panel of the kit is not accurate for a classical F-5A. So ıt needs to be corrected. Cockpit modified by Wolfpack F-5A seat and Eduard PE instrument panel. Due to the wrong color of the PE set, I re-painted instrument panel by masking some details.
The kit went together easily but with some problems. Multi part air intake area needs some works of puttying and sanding.
Painting done with Gunze Sangyo acrylics. Decals are from Turquoise decal set and my spare box.
Thanks to Ozkan Turker and Levent Basara for their support during project.
Happy modelling

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21 responses to 1/48 Kinetic F-5A TuAF

  1. Stunning work Tolga.
    A really nicely done F 5 sir.

  2. Nice work, inside and out. All good, Tolga.

  3. Excellent painting, very nice!

  4. Excellent work as always, Tolga.

  5. Great attention to detail, nice photography.

  6. Beautiful (as always) all-around presentation, Tolga….
    “…The kit went together easily but with some problems.” – sounds contradictory. 🙁
    In any event, it turned out well – as is the case with all your work.

    • Yes, in fact the construction is without problem except for this dangerous air intake area.There are a lot of parts to be glued.Needs a lot of puttying and sanding operations in my case.

  7. A very nice looking F5. I really like it. Good work.

  8. A very nice looking F 5 Tolga !!! A sleek looking beauty. Well done!!

  9. Very nice and clean build, well done!

  10. Great job, very nice pics, awesome painting. I think it’s quite rare to see a F-5A model from Turkish Air Force.

  11. Very nicely done & a great scheme!

  12. Thanks for the comments.

  13. In – let’s say – 100 years the model will be discovered in some old fashioned dusty art shop. An expert will demonstrate that it’s a real Ulgur and the art critics will write that it has all features of the great works of the artist’s mid 10 years phase.

  14. Stunning work

  15. Tolga,
    I have to agree with Halvar. You are an artist…..

  16. It possibly looks better than the real thing, I hope you accept this as a compliment!

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